sQoosh® - More than a Sweatband

Our Story

As a kid, inspired by my dad and my brother, I grew up running track with dreams of the Olympics.

Though I haven’t gotten there yet, I have a product that’s a true winner!

Here’s how Sqoosh® came about …

Five years ago, while running in a Half Ironman event, I was wearing a bandana wrapped around my hand (as I’ve done for years). Though bulky, it helped keep sweat and crud off my face, lips and eyes. Halfway thru the run portion the inspiration came to me, “why not turn this idea into a product”? I believe it was a God inspired moment.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and looking around me, I saw runners with all kinds of home-made, strange looking sweat-wipe methods, revealing a true need! We know terry cloth wristbands absorb, but awkwardly wipe sweat. They stay soaked and don’t dispense. They’re rarely a runners choice, plus they just don’t look cool.

Enter sQoosh®!

After the race, I went home and for the next year and half diligently plugged away at developing a prototype that has the modern wick-dry property exterior and ultra-absorbant palm interior. A few friends joined me in this creation and the name “sQoosh®” was given after the sound it makes when you “squish” the moisture from the band. After miles and miles of testing and sweating, it is amazing how well this works!

John Fournier, Sqoosh® Inventor




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