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Runners use sQoosh® Bands:

This thing is a game changer!

Don’t have one yet? BUY ONE NOW! Think you don’t need one? WRONG! This is soft, not cumbersome, there whenever you need it for whatever you need it for. Wipes sweat, cools hands, warms hands when it’s cold, holds your keys or some money, I have used this everyday since it came in the mail and it is hands down the most useful running product I have ever gotten. This thing is soft, I mean like baby tushie soft. It absorbs more than you can possibly imagine, it never feels scratchy, it avoids me having to wear a fanny pack or tie my keys to my laces.
There is never a bad run with sQoosh! It’s a conversation starter and fashionable as all get out! There is no reason people should not know about this! It is the end of 80’s headbands and bandanas, it’s sleek and dead useful. I will never buy a different product. This is the perfect one!

Eva S.

I got my first sQoosh in 2013 …

when I was in Greece to run the marathon. I had never even heard of it until then.
My sqoosh has been the best thing ever when on my runs (especially with this Texas summer heat). I always drench it with cold water before heading out the door. It is great at keeping the sweat out of my eyes and at helping cool me off.
I did forget it TWO times on my runs. The first time was 3 weeks ago when I left for a 14 mile run. I nearly didn’t finish as the sweat was burning my eyes so bad. I couldn’t believe I forgot it. The 2nd time was today. I planned an 8 mile run, but only ended up running 5, as my eyes were burning from the sweat. No more forgetting my sqoosh!!
It is so easy to carry on my runs!! A MUST have for any run, especially when it is hot outside!!

Corina B.

Love it, its the best running accessory …

running on a hot day it deals with sweat, running in the rain it deals with water on your face, it can hold your keys or phone, never leave for a run without my sQoosh.
Sonja H.

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